You are based in Melbourne but do you work with schools outside the city?

Yes. As we work with you, we come to you. This includes metropolitan Melbourne as well as the rest of Victoria.

Do you run VCE revision sessions for any subjects apart from English?

No. At present we primarily deliver VCE English, EAL and Literature revision sessions. However, we are able to recommend an organbisation who can offer Mathematics sessions from Year 10 upwards. If you wanted to build a VCE revision program for your students which paired English revision with other subjects, we are happy to suggest and organise experienced lecturers in those subjects who have worked with us before.

How much do your Professional Development sessions cost?

As each school requires something different, we provide pricing quotations after an initial enquiry when it is clear what we will be delivering for you

Do you just run one-off sessions? 

No. It depends upon what your school wants. If you wanted an ongoing professional development program for your staff, we could provide this. Likewise, we are also able to offer return visits to students after revision sessions to focus on more specific skills (e.g. writing more effectively under timed conditions)

Do you do exam / coursework marking or cross-marking? 

We do offer this service to some schools and ensure that all markers are either current VCE teachers or examiners. As we become booked up quite quickly for this service, it is advisable to give us plenty of notice if you would like us to be involved in this work.

Do you offer individual tutoring for students?

We are able to offer tutoring to students in English and Literature from Years 10 to VCE as well as VCE EAL English. All of the tutors will come to your home and are VIT registered, current VCE English teachers. We have a limited number of tutors available and it is therefore advisable to contact us as soon as possible if you need this service.

For all other enquiries, please email