Senior Education Consultant: Kirstin Bourne

Based in Melbourne, Kirstin Bourne has almost 20 years’ experience of working in schools in Australia and the UK. After completing an English degree at Cambridge University, she qualified as a teacher at the Institute of Education (part of the University of London). As an English and Literature teacher, Kirstin has worked in a range of schools and taken on the roles of Faculty Head and Head of Curriculum and Assessment. A current VCE examiner, she has also delivered VCE revision lectures directly to schools as well as for several organisations including VATE, The Catholic Education Office and The School   for Excellence.

Kirstin designs and delivers lectures and classroom sessions for students. These are tailored to suit the specific needs of students and schools and can take the form of large revision lectures or small classroom-based sessions. Each lecture or session is unique to the institution and thus she does not simply deliver the same session to multiple organisations as many other consultants or providers do. Kirstin runs sessions in English and Literature from Year 7 to VCE . She also delivers sessions on Study Skills.

Through her company, InformEd, Kirstin is available to deliver staff Professional Development, tailored specifically to suit individual organisations. These sessions can range from getting teams to work more effectively together to a redesign of the curriculum, to upskilling staff in a variety of areas. Recently, she has been working with schools to effectively implement the English VCE study design. All of these sessions are delivered after an initial consultation with faculty leaders, senior managers and other staff to establish what is required and the timescale for that delivery.

Kirstin’s areas of interest and expertise include: curriculum development and design; online learning and training, staff development and team building; coaching; improving student performance; collecting and using data effectively to track and predict student outcomes and effective integration of ICT into teaching and learning.

Education consultants / Lecturers

As part of the flexible and bespoke nature of the services that InformEd offers, we also draw upon a team of highly experienced teachers to deliver lectures and professional development where a larger team is required.